Retina II

Proyecto: Intervención

Ubicación: Oporto, Portugal, 2015

Edificio Intervenido: Edificio Residencial Na Rua De Miguel Bombarda

Proyectado por Arquitecta Paula Santos

Arquitecto: Tomás García de la Huerta

Arquitectos Colaboradores: José Miguel Pinto, 
Xaviera Gleixner

Agradecimientos: A.MAG, Nuno de Bessa, Luis Cardoso, Joao García

Retina II is a project realized in the patio and facade of a building recently opened, designed by architect Paula Santos.

The backyard preserves an ancient image, belonging to an old building that used to exist.

The original stone walls and water pump that existed here for more than 200 years are now represented only through small physical traces of a past that this project aims to arouse.

From inside the new building we have filmed the yard and in it, we have conducted various activities showing its limits (stone walls) and sounds (water pump) from another time. This allows us to commemorate that past and to confront it with the present; with glass and a curtain.

At night, when the space is no longer seen but only dreamt, we project the register on the curtain of the new building, the curtain allowed us to see that dream.

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