Backsteine I

Proyecto: Intervención

Ubicación: Berlín, Alemania, 2016

Arquitecto: Tomás García de la Huerta

Video: Ernesto Bauer, Sebastián Pose

Agradecimientos: Xaviera Gleixner,

Cristóbal García de la Huerta, Natalia Hamilton


A large number of lost pieces is part of the experience of destruction. These pieces are the foundation of the concept of inhabiting and, consequently, of the city. Destruction can transfer the concept of property from one place to another and thus approach the sense of matter that seemed absent, kept in the walls, with its utility hidden.
Fragmented matter loses its space, but not its time; its physical stability allows it to reinvent itself and to remain.


88 dispersed pieces, each one with its own story; a physical story, one of forces, weight and movements. Forces that lead to constellations and to dispersion draw a path, indicating a possible way that could allow to comprehend them from their origins.

Reuniting these pieces is also an act of forces and movements. The structure allows to assemble, tighten, support and raise what had been dispersed, saving the physical properties of tension and resistance.


We are in front of an object under construction.

A physical construction and a virtual one. Within this duality, different velocities and weights appear.

The weight of the object and the weight of light, in a single image.

The confrontation of two bodies – one virtual and the other one material, one electric and the other one of clay – forms a dialectic dynamic that leads back to the origin of the built form, thus revealing a new beginning and a new anatomy.

Material has no properties – it has procedures, modulations, history in process. This may be the purpose of this exhibition, to get involved in this historicity.

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